edition of 5

1136 B&W laser copies, hardback

7 x 21 x 27 cm



Towards the end of November 2006, I spent four days downloading almost 1300 pictures of Natalie Portman (the most to be found at that time). After this somewhat compulsive initial period of activity, I left the results of my search in a folder on my computer's desktop, returning to it regularly to contemplate the possible uses of this "material" and deleting any duplicates I had inadvertantly collected.

In July 2007, I decided to collate all of the pictures in the form of a book, retaining the sequence and format in which I had found them, the only treatment being that all were converted to black and white, a minimal change that nonetheless created a sense of distance from the source material. The images were then printed at a local copy-shop and bound by a bookbinder in the traditional way archive works are usually bound.

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